Dalton Brothers, Inc. secures its insurance and bonding with Waldroff Insurance, a leading construction and bonding insurance company.  Dalton Brothers, Inc. provides all clients with a builders warranty for one year.

Note to Owner: All residential construction goes through a period of settlement. As the seasons change, periods of expansion or contraction will occur. As a result, your residence will experience minor material changes that are unavoidable and considered normal. You should also be aware that you are responsible for proper home maintenance. To make your maintenance program easier, you should keep a color chart of the different materials used in or on the construction and a small supply of correspondingly colored paint, stain, or grout for easy touch-up. This Limited Warranty excludes damage caused by owner negligence, improper maintenance or changes, alterations, or additions performed by anyone other than the builder. Owner’s maintenance obligations include those set forth in the publication: Your New Home & How to Take Care of It (National Association of Home Builders, 2001).

Click here to download our Builder's Limited Warranty.


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