Dalton Brothers, Inc. continues to build and remodel beach homes and condos on the gulf coast. We remember well the impact and damages to gulf front structures in the aftermath of Hurricanes Eloise and Opal. 

As the community began to rebuild, building codes needed to be updated to meet new higher standards in coastal wind ratings. The state looked to Dalton Brothers, Inc.'s methods of home building to improve these codes, and performed a Case Study on one of our homes. This Case Study defined and set guidelines for our entire state's residential building codes.
 (State of Florida's Case Study and Findings)

Dalton Brothers, Inc. has and continues to encourage our clients to take extra measures above code to ensure the best outcome should their home take a direct hit from a hurricane.

Dalton Brothers, Inc. built the Holden home that sustained a direct hit from hurricane Ivan with no significant damage to the beach house. Our team also built the Dune Maus House and Loud Dunes to the same higher building standards with no damage from Ivan. The Olstein Beach House also survived Ivan, while homes on either side were badly damaged.

Please contact Dalton Brothers, Inc. to discuss how to improve your existing waterfront structure or build a structurally sound home to increase the outcome of surviving the next direct hit of a hurricane better than your neighbor!



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